IMOLD for SolidWorks

IMOLD for SolidWorks 11.0

Design molds in the field of precision tooling industry

Design molds for the needs of precision tooling industry with the help of 3D computer-aided modeling and prototyping. Build a mold layout, its core, cavities side core splitting, cooling channels, and much more. Resort to standard components library assembly and drawings - enjoy productivity allowing to combine thousands of assembly parts with the best speed, accuracy and production outcomes.

IMOLD aims to simplify mold design process and help mold designers to be more productive. IMOLD V11 is not only SolidWorks 2012 ready but both 32 and 64 bit ready. For highlights on the new features and enhancements, please refer to: IMOLD V11 Highlights.
IMOLD (including Standard, EDM and MBC) software will be the last release that supports Windows XP, following Microsoft’s retirement of Windows XP operating system in April 2009.

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